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Improve search engine rankings

2017-12-28 11:22:07

Search engine sites (such as Baidu, Google) can help users find the most relevant sites. They will take time to check and index your website, so the site's SEO also needs time to optimize. The search engine site knows what skills you can improve your SEO. The promotion of SEO relies on many factors, including web content, site description, Web links, server hosts, and so on.
It should be noted that when you transfer the content of the website, the SEO of your website may also be refreshed, which may cause you to edit these factors again.
1. set your custom domain name
Your custom domain name is the best keyword to search your site! Setting up or will greatly help improve your site's SEO. You can learn how to set up by binding the domain name.
If you are not ready to upgrade the package, don't worry, your website domain name also has a good SEO. You can learn how to set up by changing the SXL URL.
2. set Links, and often share your website
Most of Baidu or Google's search rankings come from external links and traffic, which means that if more high-quality websites are linked to your website, the ranking of your website will be higher.
Share your website with big blogs, forums, or social networking sites. You can also submit your website on some navigation websites. If relevant, you can add your website to your micro-blog, know your account's signature file, and even add your website link on the signature of the mailbox. If you find a place where users will be interested in your website, you can share your website.
3. set description and keyword search
Add your website description and key words in [settings] - [website description]! The website description can be a long sentence to introduce your website. The key words are words about your website. Attention: do not add too many irrelevant keywords to enhance website ranking, because most search engines do not recognize this behavior, or even reduce the ranking of your website.
It is recommended to use such a website to describe: "the Jonny bakery is a store in Shanghai with delicious cakes and sweet sweets! It began in 1965 to provide customers with delicious bread, cake, pie and biscuits to make customers happy. "
Recommended key words: "the Jonny bakery, the Shanghai bakery, the delicious pie, the fresh bread, the wedding cake"
4. set a descriptive title
The title of your website is displayed on the label page at the top of the browser. By default, it will show the name you entered when you are registered. Try to make it lively! "Jonny's Bakery - providing you with fresh and delicious bread every day" is much better than "Jonny's shop".
The 5. title you add site keywords
The title is the largest text box in the website structure, and the title also occupies a large weight in the search engine site. So it's better to add some descriptive words to the title, for example, "about Jonny" will be more specific and better than "about us".
6. to the site all pictures to add text description
Because search engines do not understand pictures, they look for picture descriptions. The picture description will help the search engine to index your picture and then help index your website. This and adding the ALT tag in "HTML" is a nature.
What needs to be noted is: it is best to keep the size of the web site below 200KB. The best picture size of a web page (notebook or desktop computer) is 50KB, which greatly improves the visitor's experience. Before uploading the picture, it is better to compress the picture first.
7. Baidu Adsense validation, Baidu included the process of speeding up
Look at how to set up Baidu stationmaster verification!
8. Google complete verification
Look at how to set up Google Google Webmaster Tool validation!