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Baidu SEO problem

2017-12-28 11:15:57

Want to know what websites are more popular with Baidu? We refer to Baidu's official "SEO optimization guide" to sort out some relevant knowledge for you, and we hope to help you.

One, the type of website that Baidu likes:

Valuable to visitors:

Unique content -- Baidu search engine likes "unique" content.

The main body is prominent -- don't appear that the main content of the web page is not prominent, but the search engine is mistaken for empty short pages without grabbing.

Rich content - brilliant copywriting and proper matching of pictures and text to enrich the website is the focus of SEO optimization.

Advertising is appropriate - a certain degree of advertising will make Baidu feel more attractive and more valuable.

Two, Baidu's remote site type:

1. web pages with duplicated content: what is already available on the Internet, Baidu must not be included.

2. web pages with short content.

Some of these technologies use Baidu grabbing tools that cannot be parsed, such as JS, AJAX, etc. Although users can see rich content, they will still be abandoned by search engines. Search engines can only grab text. If there are pictures or videos, please remember to add text descriptions to let them know the main content of pictures and videos.

Pages that are too slow to load can also be treated as empty short pages. At the same time, it is recommended not to add too many pictures, so as not to affect website access speed.

Many web pages that are not prominent will be abandoned even if they are captured. While ensuring the outstanding content of the copywriter, you can change the title and description of the website in the "Settings" to "basic information".

The 3. part of the cheating page. For example, if multiple subdomains are skipping to the same website, if found by Baidu, it will affect Baidu's SEO.

Three, the influencing factors of Baidu rankings:

1. correlation: the degree of matching the content of a web page to the user's retrieval requirements, such as the number of key words that the user checks on a web page, and the location of these keywords; the external web page points to the anchor text used by the page. After adding keywords to the settings page, try to use these keywords in the content of your website as much as possible.

2. authority: users like the content provided by certain authoritative websites. Correspondingly, Baidu search engine also believes in the content provided by high quality authoritative websites.

3. timeliness: timeliness results refer to new web pages, and the web contains fresh content. At present, timeliness results are becoming more and more important in search engines. In addition to constantly updating website content, you can add a blog page on line to update information.

4. importance: the importance or popularity of web page content matching with user inspection requirements.

5. richness: richness seems simple, but it is a widely covered proposition. It can be understood that web pages are rich in content and can fully satisfy users' needs. They can not only satisfy users' single needs, but also meet the needs of users. On the line, you can add more content by opening the "two level page".

6. popularity: whether the web page is popular. You can add "Share button" so that visitors can share your website to various social platforms and increase the popularity of websites.


Four, the role of external links:

1. attract Baidu grabbing: Although Baidu has a great time to dig new sites, open multiple data submissions, open up a social discovery channel, but the super chain is still the most important entrance to find the link.

2. transfer the correlation information to the search engine: Baidu is not only judging the content of the web page, but also by the anchor text, in addition to the title, page keyword, H tag and so on. Using pictures as a hyperlink to click on the entry, you can also convey your feelings to Baidu through the alt attribute and title tag.

3. upgrade: Baidu search engine, though reducing its dependence on super chain, has never decreased the recognition of super chain, making more stringent standards for high quality links, normal links, garbage links and cheating links. For cheating links, in addition to filtering and cleaning links, we also punish the beneficial sites of the links to a certain extent. Correspondingly, Baidu still has a welcome attitude towards high quality links.

4. content sharing, access to word of mouth: high quality content is widely spread, the web site to get the traffic may not be much, but if the content is enough, you can also set up its own brand effect. * strictly speaking, this does not belong to the role of superchain. In Baidu's eyes, the brand of the website is much more important than the super chain.

For Baidu's instructions, you can add website keywords, enable two level page functions, add links, and verify Baidu. At the same time, welcome to check up the search engine rank (SEO) and the checklist before release two articles, get more site building skills.