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Yishi Online

Knowtime Has Helped Yishi Online Develop a High-End Medical Green Channel App Integrating High-End Customized Medical Treatment With Home Doctor Services And Appointments For Medical Examination. We Helped Yishi Online Realize Diversified Development From a Single-Specialist Service To a Multi-Industry Corporation.

Language: Chinese

Hagaday Multi-Language Website

Knowtime Has Helped The Hagaday Website To Achieve Display In English And French, Letting The Brand Enter French-Speaking And English-Speaking Countries. We Help Hagaday Products To Achieve Their Localization Goals, And Build Up Their Brand Image.

Language: English, French

Jieshuibao APP

Knowtime Helped Jieshuibao Build a 24-7 Educational And Consulting Platform Online. The It Innovates An Internet Ecology System Of “Starting Price + Overtime Charge” In The Finance, Taxation, Laws And Consulting Industries Helps Jieshuibao Realize Their Transformation From a Traditional Off-Line Company To a New Internet Corporation.

Language: Chinese

ERI System For Energy Office

Knowtime Helped The Energy Office To Achieve Custom-Made Oa Management, Staff Sign-In Functionality And Broadcasting Of News Of Meetings. This Hugely Simplifies The Management Of Its Staff All Over The World.

Language: Chinese

Bqrjy Online Education Platform

In The Construction Process Of The Bqrjy Online Education Platform, Knowtime Undertook Important Tasks Of Planning And Designing For Its Official Website And Its Mini-Program. Through Efficient And Real-Time Tracking And Management By Knowtime, Bqrjy Has Stood Out In The Fierce Competition With Other Educational Websites.

Language: Chinese

Actor Recruitment App

Knowtime Custom-Made Android And Apple Client Terminals For Xingju To Transfer Their Actor Recruitment Efforts From Off-Line To On-Line. This Has Made The Recruitment Information Public And Transparent, Opened Up Channels Between Actors & Actresses And Dramatic Teams, And Built a Bridge Between Directors And Artists.

Language: Chinese

Ya Dong’s Wechat Service Account

Knowtime Has Built An Interaction Platform Between Ya Dong And His Fans. Users Are Able To Better Know Ya Dong’s Original Music, And Proceed Through Online Transactions Of Ya Dong’s Digital Music, Through Our Help In Designing Ya Dong’s Wechat Public Account. This Lights Up Fans’ Eyes, And Builds Up Ya Dong’s Independent Musician Brand.

Language: Chinese

Parent-Child Life Rhythm Training System

Qinzidance, a Parent-Child Life Rhythm Training System, Knowtime Undertook Important Tasks Associated With Planning And Designing The Applet, Pc Version, Wechat Version, Mini-Program R&S And Videos. We Achieved Compatibility Across Platforms An Devices. Using China-First Pioneering Encryption Methods, we Provided Video And Audio Encryption For Qinzidance. We building An Excellent Brand Image For Qinzidance.

Language: Chinese