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Bqrjy Online Education Platform

In The Construction Process Of The Bqrjy Online Education Platform, Knowtime Undertook Important Tasks Of Planning And Designing For Its Official Website And Its Mini-Program. Through Efficient And Real-Time Tracking And Management By Knowtime, Bqrjy Has Stood Out In The Fierce Competition With Other Educational Websites.

Language: Chinese

Parent-Child Life Rhythm Training System

Qinzidance, a Parent-Child Life Rhythm Training System, Knowtime Undertook Important Tasks Associated With Planning And Designing The Applet, Pc Version, Wechat Version, Mini-Program R&S And Videos. We Achieved Compatibility Across Platforms An Devices. Using China-First Pioneering Encryption Methods, we Provided Video And Audio Encryption For Qinzidance. We building An Excellent Brand Image For Qinzidance.

Language: Chinese