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Do you need to add multiple languages to do foreign trade B2B website?

2018-01-02 15:39:18

I guess you haven't added second languages to your website, have you?

Perhaps you are now reassessing your current business model, thinking that it is time to expand overseas business and attract some foreign customers.

Adding a language to your website is the first step towards expanding foreign business. What, you don't have a website yet?

Let's set up a website soon.

Let's talk about why you need a Chinese and English (or more language) version of the website, and give you 10 reasons why you need to develop a Chinese English bilingual website.

1, you may get a bigger market

If you add Italian and German to your website, you can instantly get tens of thousands of German or Italy Internet users to get to know your products!

2, you can enter the emerging market

For example, online shopping centers in China, the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan are already very mature and saturated, and competition is fierce.

But for some European countries or Southeast Asian countries, such as Italy, the Internet industry is still "underdeveloped", consumers are not yet fully familiar with online shopping, but they have started trying to buy online.

If you have a website in China, Britain, Germany and France, you can quickly expand to these countries by targeting emerging markets.

3, the cost of adding second languages to the website is very low.

If you set up an office or a subsidiary in a foreign country, you need to deal with all kinds of painful red tape. You should be able to travel abroad, and you should be deeply aware of it.

But if you just add a new language version to your website and do a web site, your cost will be very low, and you can't even go to a single trip abroad.

4, defeat the competitor

Face the reality: if you don't rack your brains to expand your business, your competitors will beat you.

Successful companies always try to take advantage of their competitors before they act.

If you want to stand out from the competition, a good way is to take the lead in the international market by building a multilingual web site, low cost, and fast and efficient.

5. Expand your existing business

It's not hard to make a bi language website. You are already running a company or an enterprise. You must have your own website, too.

In this case, adding second clock language is the icing on the cake for your current business. You only need to modify a small part to make your customers order more!

6. Let you not be confined to a single market

Now globalization is changing rapidly, if you put all your eggs in one basket.

If only 2 years later, if the national market of your service is dry and saturated, it is impossible to meet new customers. Then it is a bit late for you to expand the business of other countries.

Even if your business is doing well, but you are ready to prepare for the overseas market early, the way is very simple, starting with a bilingual website.

7, enhance customer dependence on your company or product and intimacy.

Many foreign customers use English every day. If you add an English version to your website, you will make the domestic foreign customers feel friendly and contact your business when they visit your website.

At present, there are no English versions of the websites of the largest traditional enterprises in China. Even in the international metropolis of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, only 12.8% of the websites are in English.

And their English translation level is very bad. The website has been out of date for a long time. This is a good breakthrough point for your company. If you want to build a multilingual web site now.

8, foreign engine search will love you

The content is king. If you have an optimized multilingual web site, search engines such as Google, Baidu (China's favorite) and Yandex (Russia) will quickly collect your website content and improve your website rankings.

9. enhance brand awareness and credibility

It is not only beautiful and professional, but also has a perfect PC access on mobile phones and tablet computers. So your potential customers or partners see your website not only high-end atmosphere but also multilingual support, the other will think that you are likely to be a powerful company or enterprise, and will not help but want to give you a call to further discuss business cooperation. But if your website is still using the design style of the 90s, all kinds of old content, out of date American workers, and can not be opened with mobile phones, so there will be a lot of potential customers to see your home page every day and go straight away.

10, you will reflect the "customer first" business philosophy.

You can customize different website content according to different countries, different regions, carry out certain services or products to specific countries, so that you can take different business plans for customers from different countries.