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If I have a Chinese website, do I need a multilingual website?

2017-12-21 00:02:44

Yes, of course.

The largest number of Chinese users is the 1/5 of global users. No company is willing to expand its audience. The global multilingual brand website building platform is known to help enterprises to quickly build an official website for global users, including Chinese mainland users.

Please understand that multilingual websites are more than just providing a multilingual website version. You know that the website I built on time is mirrored on the global node website to display the localized language and currency by automatically identifying user intelligence. At the same time, I know the time more understand the global users automatically for you in the world's major search engines on the SEO optimization to allow your customers to easily find you on the search engine and visit you.

Therefore, for those who already own the Chinese official website, we suggest that you build a global multi language brand website on our knowledge time platform as soon as possible. The content of your original Chinese website can be transferred to the Chinese content of the new website in principle based on the new website theme style. After the completion of the new station, you can automatically switch old and new users to the new global multilingual brand official website through domain name re analysis.