Brand Value

KnowTime Online Education Platform

  • Covers Six Core Educational Systems
  • Large-sized Platform Supported By Multi-language
  • Analyses User Data With Tracing-style Operation
  • Interacts In Real Time By Multi-terminal Adaptation
  • Seamlessly Links R&D, Design And Planning
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International E-commerce Platform

International E-commerce Shopping Express

Removes Obstacles for International Payment

Connects With International Social Platforms

One-stop Customization By Multi-terminal Adaptation.

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Multi-language Software

Helping Multinational Enterprises "Go Out" and "Bring in"

International Software with Multilingual Framework

Machine Interpretation & Mother-tongue Proofreading

Overall Solution of Web & APP Software

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Taizhonghe Capital

Taizhonghe Capital is an administrative code of Private Fund Manager. As an organization professionally engaged in equity investment in areas of military and civilian integration within China, the Taizhonghe Capital holds in high regard on strategical research in military and civilian integration. By construction in Large Expert Bases and Large Data Bases of military and civilian integration, it provides strategical counsel service for invested enterprises.

Clothing e-commerce mother and baby

Hagaday Multi-Language Website

Knowtime Has Helped The Hagaday Website To Achieve Display In English And French, Letting The Brand Enter French-Speaking And English-Speaking Countries. We Help Hagaday Products To Achieve Their Localization Goals, And Build Up Their Brand Image.

Website language: English, French

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