The national "The Belt and Road official website by the end of the support, English, Russian and French, Spanish and Arabic languages users access six

Release time:2018-05-15 16:36:21

The morning of September 6th, the state information center and the global network, the Silk Road Guoxin big data companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement to promote cooperation in Beijing, the national "The Belt and Road official website - Chinese area network multi language platform construction, and strengthen the publicity, brand planning activities in the official website, news products production, and big data Cooperation in decision-making support and so on. Cheng Xiaobo, director of the National Information Center, general manager of global network and deputy general editor of the people's network, Dan Chengbiao, CEO Li Na, the silk road country letter and big data company, signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of three parties. Such

The signing ceremony (source: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, Li Kang photo)

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement three party (source: Chinese Belt and Road Initiative, Li Kang photo)

In March 21st this year, by promoting the "English Belt and Road Initiative construction work leading group office guidance, sponsored by the National Information Center China along the road network officially launched operation, and was included in the" The Belt and Road "international cooperation forum list of achievements. On line more than 5 months, aroused widespread concern and good response from all walks of life. In order to cooperate with the national competent department to complete the multi language version construction task of the one road network in China, the National Information Center, global network, and the silk road country letter and big data company will give full play to the advantages of the professional team, the news qualification and the communication platform to promote the construction of the website and the publicity at home and abroad together.

The state information center is the national development and Reform Commission directly affiliated institutions, mainly responsible for economic and social information (data) acquisition, processing, utilization and important national information system and platform construction, in December 2015 the establishment of the "The Belt and Road" big data center, and constantly improve the support of large data decision of the relevant departments of the state. Global network is the website of the people's daily, the Central News website, with more than 500 special correspondents in more than 150 countries and regions, and a multilingual team of languages covering 9 languages, including China, Britain, Russia, France, West, Arab, Japanese, Korean and German. Rich experience. The Silk Road Guoxin big data is the National Information Center "The Belt and Road" big data center operators, is also the official website support units, to provide support in the official website of the construction, operation and maintenance.


Yu Shiyang, vice director Chen Jiang and Wei Ying, director of the National Information Center, chief editor of global network, deputy general manager Chen Yunhai, Lu Shanlin of IT operation and Maintenance Director of silk road country letter big data company, deputy director of communication center, Li Yu Si, and the comrades of relevant departments of the national information center and part of the news media. About activities.