Release time:2018-11-29 19:10:51

What does a family value most in today's society? It's a child.

According to the 2017 white paper on family education in China, the expenditure on preschool education was 26.39% of the total expenditure of families.

Anyone who wants to say that Chinese society does not attach importance to education and knowledge cultivation, I will stand up and cry out for grievances.

The traditional concept of learning mathematics, physics and chemistry well and being fearless all over the world has been cleaned and renewed with the popularization of modern educational ideas.

Parents nowadays are more willing to incorporate more styles into their children's preschool education than to accept more books early.

It would be nice to add some parent-child interaction.

Therefore, at this time, the emergence of Baobao's parent-child rhythm is undoubtedly the lifeblood of the market.

 1. Music, Dance, Enlightenment Education and Baby Treasure

Children are in the stage of growing up, and proper physical exercise is very necessary.

Physical exercise can maintain harmful weight and reduce the incidence of obesity and hypertension in adolescents. During the process of exercise, endorphins in children will increase. This chemical can make people feel excited and make children happy physically and mentally.

If this kind of movement can create some aesthetic sensation in vision and cultivate children's art cells, it will be a great success.

So dancing is the best choice.

Dance is more beautiful, interactive and interesting than other physical exercises. Interest is the best teacher for children.

Interestingness, therefore, is also an important guide in developing exercise programs for children.

Speaking of the benefits of music for children's education, I think I can prepare good wine and dishes and have a little chat with you.

But the cultivation of this hobby of music falls right in the hands of parents.

Music, can forge children's character, temper their endurance and learning ability, at the same time, clear music, can make children relax, memorize notes, but also can exercise children's memory.

So, even if a child who has studied music and dance since primary school has not been engaged in literature and art, this experience will benefit him greatly.

Baby Treasure is not only a training platform, but also a stage for exhibition.

Children's achievements can not only be brought into full play in the exhibitions and activities organized by the Chinese Dancer Association, but also have the opportunity to board the seven-choreographies and become children's stars.

Give a child such a stage, presumably, is also a shining star in his brilliant childhood?

2. Baby Treasure and Time to Know Me

Now it's 8012 years old. Anything that can't be solved on mobile phones will be eliminated in the fierce market competition in the end.

Baby Treasure keeps pace with the times and works with Know Me Time to create a personalized publicity website and Wechat program.

The interface of the software is the candy color that the children like, bright orange, simple and clean interface, clear and neat operating system, whether for the children or parents who choose courses for the children, will undoubtedly form a very good experience.

The reason why Baby Bao chose to cooperate with Know Me Time is that Know Me Time is professional and experienced in undertaking education system.

Nowadays, education has gradually begun to shift from one-to-many teachers and students offline to screen-to-screen online. So, knowing my time in online training system, it is a good opportunity. Although dancing in traditional concepts has to be in person to get its meaning, the magic of knowing my time system lies in that it is not offline, but better than offline.

Online teaching can not only teach, but also play back, communicate in real time, and customize personalized courses for parents, which are incomparable with offline teaching.

At the same time, unlike other websites, the course fees are arbitrary. As long as the value of the App is recharged as a member, most of the courses will become the private property of the child, which is equivalent to buying the experts of the whole Baobao website for the children. The road of art is escorted.


I think this is not only the success of Baobao, but also an outstanding contribution of my time in the field of young children's art.

The heart of a child is the simplest. Parents always give their children the highest expectations and the deepest tenderness.

Most of the time, we pay for a child unconsciously and always want to give him the best, even if we give him everything.

Material is always monotonous and tedious, so it is better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish.

Give your child a skill, maybe it will help him live a better life.

After all, such a life is worth a trip.