Legal description

Release time:2017-12-28 11:25:30

1, before using the services of know my time platform, please read carefully and understand this statement thoroughly. You can choose not to use the knowledge of my time platform service, but if you use the knowledge of my time platform service, your use behavior will be regarded as the approval of the entire content of this statement.

2. In view of the information, product, service (including but not limited to the name of the enterprise, contact and liaison information, the description and description of the product / service, the video, etc.) on the web site that is known to me on the site of the time platform of knowing my time platform. The information is provided by the members themselves, and the members shall take full responsibility for any information they provide.

3. In addition to the terms of service noted in my time, all other accidents, negligence, contract destruction, defamation, libel, copyright or intellectual property infringement and the loss caused by the use of knowledge of my time system and the loss (including the infection of the computer virus due to downloading) are not responsible and no legal liability. .

4. Any unit or person who believes that the content of the web site built by my time platform may be suspected of infringing its legitimate rights and interests, should be timely written to know me in written feedback, and provide identification, ownership certificate and detailed tort proof, knowing that when I receive the above legal documents, the relevant alleged invasion will be removed as soon as possible. The content of the right.

5, I know that I reserve the right to modify the service terms and statements of this site at any time, and through the network to know the content of the revision of my time platform, without individual notice. If you continue to use the time platform after you have amended the terms of service and the legal statement, that means you agree to the revised content.