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Java Technology Manager

2017-11-21 11:28:37 category:Technical R & D positions

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Full-time staff, virtual team, online office
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Job responsibility 1. responsible for the company's R & D management work, lead the team to complete the development and management objectives set by the company.
2. instructs and participates in the writing of core code, and solves major technical problems in the process of project development.
3. plan, control, supervise and manage the project development process, project quality and project development schedule.
4. effectively lead the technical team, establish and improve the company's R & D specifications and processes;
5. train subordinates and improve their overall professional skills.
6. provide pre - sales technical support.

More than 1.3 years working experience as a technical manager in hi-tech enterprises.
2. experience in team management with more than 20 people;
3. proficient in the two architectures and design patterns of JAVA and other mainstream architectures.
4. technical background, familiar with the theory of distributed computing and cloud computing, has a profound study and understanding of the related technologies of the main products of the cloud computing;
5. highly proficient in database design, analysis, code writing and debugging, familiar with the specific operation of any of the three MySql/SqlServer/Oracle database architectures.
6. strong coding skills, as well as training capability for developing core competencies of staff.
7. good skills in R & D process management and control, including schedule and control, risk control, quality management, configuration management, etc.
8. with the experience of the medical industry project priority;
9. the project management software development experience is preferred.