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We know my time, multi language station expert


2017-11-21 11:24:00 category:Market operation position

Post duties:
1. Responsible for collecting new customers' information and communicating with them, developing new customers and maintaining regular customers.
2. Communicate effectively with customers through telephone and network to understand customer needs, find sales opportunities and achieve sales results.
3, regularly communicate with cooperative clients and establish good long-term cooperative relationship.
4, fulfill the sales target according to the company's requirements and sign the service contract with the enterprise users.

1. Articulate, fluent Mandarin and strong voice.
2. There is a high enthusiasm for sales work;
3. Strong learning ability and excellent communication skills.
4, tough character, quick thinking, good adaptability and pressure bearing ability;
5. Relevant telephone sales or network sales experience is preferred.
6. Experience in mobile Internet software sales is preferred.
7, excellent interns, students welcome to join! It
Promotion space: Sales Supervisor, sales manager, sales director.

Welfare treatment
1, 3000-6000 salary 10% for telephone subsidy
2, pay social insurance for employees according to the regulations;
3, weekend weekend, free arrangement of colorful activities;
4, employees enjoy statutory holidays and paid annual leave, marriage leave, childbirth leave, etc.
5, provide systematic professional training courses for employees.
6, to provide employees with a variety of amateur life: dinner, outing, birthday party, expansion, etc.
7, with a perfect incentive system of bonus.