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Java Development Engineer

2018-05-10 16:29:47 category:Technical R & D positions

Post responsibility
1. company J2EE platform research and development and self test.
2. participate in the design of the system and write technical documents. It
3. research, implementation and training of new technologies. It
4. operation and maintenance work after the product line. It
5. to complete other tasks assigned by superiors or companies;

1. understand J2EE architecture, familiar with object-oriented development ideas;
2. familiar with technologies such as JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, JDBC, Web Services, XML, JSON and so on.
3. familiar with Struts, Spring, MyBatis, Hibernate and other development frameworks.
4. familiar with Tomcat, WebLogic and other application servers;
5. familiar with the basic operation of Linux/UNIX;
6. good documentation habits and code writing specifications.
7. proficiency in using Shell, Python, Clojure and other languages is preferred.
8. familiarity with UML and common design patterns is preferred.
9. experience in distributed and big data project development is preferred.
10. the experience of the medical industry project is preferred;
11. project management software development experience is preferred.